"One & Done" Quick Market Assessment

Pre-Test the Deep, Turbulent Waters Where You Want to Swim

This is for those with a gleam in your eye, a Great Idea you want to take to market: If it's “your baby” (you’re an innovator) or one of many funding requests on your docket (you’re a VC), you can dip your toe in the water and get an objective market reading to support funding, timing, and priority decisions.

E-RM has developed a handy survey service that deftly diagnoses how consumers view your idea, giving guidance on where or why it falls short (if it does), or on how big this opportunity is. Maybe it’s BIGGER than even you think it is!

Ask yourself: "How Many Consumers Have I Heard From About My New Product Idea?"

You'll get fresh, pin-pointed product feedback from 1,000 consumers in a deep and granular Market Assessment of your concept and the market(s) for it.

You benefit by reducing marketing risk and uncertainties. The findings resolve YOUR issues so you can act confidently, with a new - and now solid, maybe even awesome - marketing strategy. You can expect the findings and the conclusions they support to withstand the test of time.

My BEFORE and AFTER Commitment to You, as follows:

BEFORE: Our first work phase scopes out the project. It's a fact-finding/brainstorming session at no cost to decide together a "Go" or "No Go" on the project.

AFTER: E-RM will go back to the survey data to answer or shed light on any new issue that arises for six months after the fieldwork dates at no added cost to you.

Not a D-I-Y "platform" of any kind; there's no app for this!

For more, scroll down to watch an interview, review some analytics, scan Q&As, and see a prototype in outline form of your end product: E-RM's confidential and client proprietary report.

MeetAdvisors Features "One & Done" Quick Market Assessment (formerly Q3MA)

Bart Zehren Introduces this new innovative "quick market test" to Ari Garber at MeetAdvisors

Here’s a video via MeetAdvisors with Ari Garber discussing E-RM‘s "One & Done" Quick Marketing Assessment.

Contact Bart now to use his "One & Done" QMA to get real consumer feedback on your new product concept. Scroll down for quick access to several commendations by Bart's clients and colleagues.

Metrics and Concept Diagnostics

Measure Market Potential & Shore-Up Your Next Moves

Our 'Quick Market Assessment' is for when you need an objective, quantified assessment of your concept’s native appeal - based on consumers’ bottom-line, self-expressed likelihood to buy. The project report is an assessment of market potential:

  • Cross-checked against demographics, geographics, any relevant consumer behaviors and need states that speak to the product’s reason for being,
  • Backed up by “in-their-own-words” explanations of reasons, pro/con, behind stated likelihood to buy it (or not).

This profile of instructive metrics and diagnostics surely merits a place in your business plan. With such fresh insights, you'll work up or revise market impact and sizing estimates, revisit sales or volume projections, review your planned pace for growth, and assess vital investments you'll need - and when - to best seize this opportunity.

You'll know if it's advisable to tweak or modify the product. You can reset budgets or time horizons in a confident, sure-footed manner as you bring your best product to market — in the right way, at the right time.

Questions & Answers

Q. Who will be completing the survey, what are their demographics and where are they located?

A. The survey data will reflect a balanced opt-in sample of 1,000 consumers from a far larger nationwide pool. Respondents' demo- and geographic data will be carefully analyzed in relation to interest levels in your product.  

Q. How can I know that they are in my market?

A. Respondents are queried about their situation and behaviors in the product category. The analysis examines those data as well as demo/geographics to define key groups showing strongest purchase interest to sharply flag them for targeting.  

Q. How can you produce such a clear "big picture" of the market for my idea with such a short, compact survey?

A. OK, now you've hit on my "secret sauce". It's the revelations that come from searching beyond responses to each question to find deeper relationships and key response patterns. In the hands of a savvy market researcher that becomes second nature, but only with lots of experience (and a big, high quality sample). So I'm confident it can't be easily duplicated. These are my questions - I know how to handle them.  

Q. Why is this better than the traditional MVP process?

A. Not a hands-on D-I-Y experience or "platform", "One & Done" QMA is a fast way to acquire a high volume of rich quantitative and qualitative feedback from a large sample of consumers at a chosen moment (whenever you're ready). It's a service; useful before or with MVP to strengthen key moments of discovery and support big, market-expanding "Let's do it!" decisions. For the US market and elsewhere.  

Q. Why should I spend the money for this research when I can spend it on sales to bring in customers directly?

A. Because the findings will allow you to reflect on how and why to allocate your funds (and time) more efficiently and execute a solid marketing plan more effectively - all with a sure-footed, ongoing sense of confidence. Not to mention, maybe raise funds from investors more easily!

Prototype for Your “One & Done” QMA Product Report

1.   Quantification of Consumers’ Purchase Interest and Intent

  • Bottom Line on Where You Stand on Consumer Demand, with Geomarketing and Demographic Detail

2.   Elaboration of Need States Most/Least Linked to Purchase Intent and Demand

  • Raw Material to Identify “Pain Points”, both Obvious and Subtle, Even Surprising Ones (perhaps)

3.   Specs on Most Attractive Target(s) for Marketing Communications

  • Validating (or not) Your Target Market Theories, Hypotheses, etc., with Clear Consumer Profiles

4.   Diagnostics Based on Consumers’ Verbatim Reasons Motivating High, Medium, Low Purchase Intentions

  • Precious Raw Material In Consumers’ Own Words For/Against Purchase

5.   “Big Picture” Discussion of Product Purchase Interest, Need States, Purchase Drivers/Barriers, Demographics, Nationwide Geography, etc. - The “Lay of the Land” that will suggest Best Strategic Pathways

6.   Specific Clues, Direction, Guidance for Marketing Strategies to:

a.   Define, Target and Reach Distinct Consumer Segments,

b.   Settle/Finalize Product (or Service) Development Issues,

c.   Create Most Effective Marketing Communications Content,

d.   Help Grow Overall Market Response/Sales Growth in the Long Run

…plus documentation of the project methodology with specification of analytical procedures and statistical details.

Greetings! Welcome to my site. Let’s get acquainted.

Greetings! Welcome to my site. Let’s get acquainted.



Extracts from 4 of 7 more elaborated commendations, testimonials posted (in full) on my LinkedIn Profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bartzehrenerm/) and cited here to whet your appetite while reassuring your mind.

“Bart has been an invaluable strategic partner for our business. His intimate understanding of market research methods, as well as his knowledge of B2B and B2C verticals enables Bart to add value to every interaction…”

—  Dan Callahan, President at Vivisum Partners


“Bart and E-RM were a tremendous resource for us as we developed a strategic new product…The results were of tremendous value to help us focus our product requirements and develop a campaign for launching and positioning the product…”

—  John Keeling, SVP, Business Development at The Motley Fool

“A person who is always fully involved in all his projects, Bart is a delight to work and exchange ideas with. He is completely dedicated to his clients, is extremely careful in scoping market research studies and quick to suggest innovative approaches wherever a roadblock is encountered…“

—  Yusof Ahmad, MR Methodology and Analytics Professional


“…I can honestly say Bart is one of the best "big picture" thinkers I have ever met. Bart doesn't just "put out fires"; he "protects the forest". When presented with an issue, Bart not only addresses the current issue at hand, but is forward thinking enough to understand the importance of the current issues in the context of the business as a whole. His ability to see the big picture makes him a very valuable partner to any business.”

—  Susan Lee, AIDA Marketing