6 Reasons Tuesday Research Is a Bad Idea

In Market Research, There’s Such a Thing as Too Fast

There are at least six good reasons why “Tuesday Research” is a really bad idea. Tuesday Research is what I call the streaming survey capabilities now in vogue via Google and other on-demand “vendors” (eg, GutCheck) where hundreds, even thousands, of consumer interviews can be had within a remarkably short period of time. This is a new and very contemporary development that was totally impossible previously. Yet, once again, it shows that "what can be done, will be done.*

Often digital resources and vendors proudly boast the ability to obtain hundreds of completed interviews, sometimes worldwide, within a single day (or two)—some even within several hours, especially when given high incidence consumer targets.

So let’s say I decide to use one of these very fast and handy survey platforms to get a multitude of individuals to answer my handful of questions—and let’s just say it’s Tuesday.

OK so now, to save some digital space and your valuable time, I’ll just list all six reasons that this Tuesday Research is a bad idea for real world entrepreneurs (and their funders):

1. Monday; 2. Wednesday; 3. Thursday; 4. Friday; 5. Saturday; 6. Sunday.

Get it?

If you’re planning such a laid back enterprise that it’ll be open for business on Tuesdays—and only on Tuesdays, then go ahead and do Tuesday Research. You’ll be fine...Go with it!

But for others who intend to open their doors to showcase their new product on an every day basis, or engage in “always open” ecommerce, then relying on “Tuesday Research” is risky indeed.

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