Bart Zehren

Principal and Founder of E-RM: E-Research for Marketing

Bart Zehren runs E-RM (E-Research for Marketing). He built this custom design primary research business to serve marketing communications, brand strategy, integrated ad/PR/marcom agencies, and corporate clients. Contact Bart Zehren.

He has extensive account management experience at market research firms. He’s also created, built and managed in-house research groups for Allied Van Lines, Northern Trust Bank and for Citicorp Diners Club as the Vice President of Marketing Research, Information & Planning Services.

Bart’s client work features qualitative and quantitative research design, full service project implementation and consultative support for:

  • » Strategic market structure and segmentation programs

  • » Customer “satisfaction”/loyalty measurement and modeling

  • » New product R&D and new venture assessments

  • » Brand positioning and media/advertising/communications testing

  • » Market and customer tracking, online and off

  • » Usability testing for a new, innovative crowd-based website

  • » New product market assessment for entrepreneurs and innovators

…and more, via traditional and online methods for product and service marketers facing B2C/B2B market sectors domestically and worldwide.

Clients Bart and E-RM have served include two professional associations (ADA: American Dental Association, PMI: Project Management Institute), a local museum (Lake County Discovery Museum), a credit bureau (TransUnion), major bank/credit card issuer (Citibank), a stock market advisory service (The Motley Fool), retail support services and e-commerce firms (ShopperTrak,, book publishers (Meredith Book Group, TIME/LIFE Books), hospitals (e.g., BroMenn Healthcare), CPG brands (Miller Beer, Morton Salt), home energy products or services (NIPSCo, ComEd), via traditional or e-research methods.

Bart’s also an author and occasional speaker on contemporary issues. He’s taught and mentored graduate courses in marketing and marketing research for campus and online universities.

He holds a University of Chicago MBA and BS Economics from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bart takes pride in serving his client's needs fully and he has the experience and passion to deliver. 

Call or email Bart Zehren now: 847/864-7159.

What Experience Can’t Do…

With decades of experience diagnosing business conditions and market potential, if anyone has seen it all, or most of it, it’s Bart Zehren. But Bart knows you never really see it all, because the “it” and the “all” are apt to change. Time teaches the vital lesson that every situation, even ones you think you’ve seen before, require care and customization — a totally fresh, clear-eyed look.

A Deeper Understanding of Change

Bart knows change is not merely a challenge to be overcome. He sees change as an basic fact of a dynamic world—filled with opportunities. It’s the fuel on which business moves (or stagnates). A hallmark of what’s past, perhaps, but more importantly a potential beacon to a preferred future. The savvy market researcher has the tools and know-how to capture key moments of reality and unpack these remnants of the past and mirrors of the present into sign posts to the future. In short, good marketing research helps you get a grip on deep or changing realities so you can stay ahead of them, not lag behind. It reduces the risks and uncertainties to more manageable levels.

What Experience Can Do

It’s much easier to hit moving targets when you know where they’re going to be before they get there. Change becomes your friend and a means to greater value and success. Using slices of the past and present to peek at the future is the culmination of art and science; it is craft. Craft, in this sense, is the artful synthesis of knowing the tools — using both traditional and online, digital methods — as well as when and how to use them. But it is also knowing what to do with the fruits of such effort. As with any craft, it takes more than experience and certifications — eMarketing Association certifies that Bart has passed its exam for Advanced Social Media — to become a Master Craftsman, it also takes creativity and resourcefulness.

Your Market Research Master Craftsman

Developing these insights provides vital support of your marketing efforts to develop a strong brand image, build enduring customer relationships, introduce new products, determine competitive strategies, and more. So, whether it’s from his experience building and managing marketing research groups for major corporations (Citicorp Diners Club, Northern Trust, Allied Van Lines), custom designing and managing qualitative and quantitative research for clients in CPG, services and B2B sectors, or teaching marketing and research (on campus and on-line), Bart Zehren — a Master Craftsman — brings a mastery of marketing research tools, methods and insights to your situation.


Bart’s passion for adding value and success to his clients’ efforts has a way of making his client’s very happy (not to mention more successful).

Call or email Bart Zehren now: 847/864-7159.

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