With E-RM: E-Research for Marketing, now you can have sturdy, solid market research that is agile but not fragile.

E-Research for Marketing provides fast, reliable market measurements and vital insights powered by decades of experience doing custom market research for the big guys—Citicorp, American Dental Association, Miller Brewing, TransUnion, and others.

High-powered, top-quality market research that’s agile but not fragile is now available to you.

Our powerful, compact yet comprehensive quick market test helps entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, A-round or angel investors, and equity partners (especially the nervous ones!) get reliable consumer market answers quickly.

Flexible, Scalable and Full-Service. Whether you are scaling-up your business, considering investing, seeking investment, or just need to settle key debates about the direction for a product or service, the information and answers you need are out there for the taking…IF you know how to do the asking and whom to ask.

Our market research services can help you—whether you’re going national or eager to enter the formidable US consumer market from outside, or you’re seeking investors or considering digging deeper yourself, or maybe you're stuck in a simmering strategy debate within your team or among stakeholders about the direction and readiness of your nascent product or service. We can connect you with the empowering information and answers you need.

Cost-Effective and Professional. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to do fast (sometimes too fast) and low-cost (sometimes no-cost!) DIY surveys. It’s a wonderful idea and a great value—if you know what to ask, how to ask them, whom to ask, and then how to fully process the information you get back. Most people don’t know how to do this well at all. Savvy, successful business people admit that and choose to use a solid, credentialed and professional marketing researcher to support their decisions in objective and reliable ways.

Comprehensive and Compact. That’s where E-Research for Marketing can help. Our process is comprehensive—not iterative—yet it's also very efficient. We craft a dynamic set of four or five questions—customized for your situation—and carefully field them to a reliable national household sample. We then process the results in a way that will open up a powerful world of valid and sturdy information about your product or service—your baby. This is not Tuesday research. (Don't know what that is? Call and ask me.)

You will have an experienced pro working alongside you all the way.

At your service. E-Research for Marketing brings the experience, power and reliability of big-business market research to you.

Call us now to discuss your new product, concept, or other market research challenges to see how we can help! 847 / 864-7159