Consumer Choice:
Needs & Wants and Whims & Wishes

It’s Not Enough to Uncover Needs and Wants

At E-RM we endeavor to go beyond basic “needs and wants” to uncover “whims and wishes,” so our clients know what "bells & whistles" are best to include when building (or re-building) a brand.

Consumers, whether B2C or B2B, want more than table stakes when they buy. E-RM believes they often end up choosing based on which brand best fulfills, not just their “needs and wants”, but also their “whims and wishes.” When well understood, insights about these potent “whims and wishes” can lead directly to meaningful—not frivolous—“bells and whistles” that can separate market leaders from the pack. When “whims and wishes-based bells and whistles” are linked to brand identify, you’re off to the races!