How Satisfied Are You with
the Way We Dunned You?

"How satisfied are you with the way we 'dunned' you?"

Believe it or not, I actually saw a Quality Assurance manager present findings in response to this question in an Operations Dept. quarterly customer service review meeting. One of my not-so-fond—but definitely hilarious—memories from the corporate side of my career.

So enamored was that group with the concept of obtaining customer feedback re: its service delivery, that it laid down a template imposing a regimen so rigorous, uniform and mindless in its application, that this ridiculous question was the proud result. I remember commenting to a colleague in the coffee break room, that this question is like asking the wife how satisfied she is with the way her husband is beating her this year.

Can you top this one?  If so, leave a comment and explain!  I can't wait.