Your Better "One & Done" Quick Market Assessment

Entrepreneurs, VCs, Small B2C Businesses: Pre-Test the Deep and Turbulent Waters Where You Want to Swim

For those of you with a gleam in your eye for that great idea you want to take to market, this news is for you. Whether it’s “your baby” (you’re an innovator) or one of many funding requests on your docket (you’re a VC), now you can dip your toe in the water and get a quick but comprehensive, nationwide or regional, market reading to help with those critical funding and priority decisions.

But this is NOT a quick one-question web poll that tallies “Yea” or “Nay” on a burgeoning idea. Instead, E-RM has developed a handy, potent and professionally designed survey tool that, yes, will give you the “Yea”s and “Nay”s but we’re much more granular than that. It also deftly diagnoses how consumers assess your new product idea, giving guidance on where it falls short (if it does), or on how big this opportunity really is. Maybe it’s much bigger or more eager and ready to go than even you think it is.

So, ask yourself: How Many Consumers Have I Heard From About My New Product?

Now you can get fresh, pin-pointed product feedback from 1,000 consumers nationwide! the form of a comprehensive, research-based Market Assessment of your new product.

How do you benefit?

By reducing your market risks and pesky uncertainties, the findings enable you to settle debates, confidently take next steps, and, perhaps, resolve all concerned toward a solid - even awesome - marketing strategy. You can expect the findings, and the conclusions they support, to withstand the test of time. Hence: "One & Done".

Before and After

Before: Our initial phase of work is to plan and scope out the project. It's a no-risk, fact-finding, get aquainted, and brainstorming phase at no cost to you to let us determine together a "Go" or "No Go" on the project.

After: E-RM will go back to the study database to answer or shed light on any new issue that arises for six months after the fieldwork dates at no added cost to you.

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