With E-Research for Marketing, the big guys got nothing over the little ones when it comes to market research.

E-Research for Marketing provides fast, reliable market research data powered by 40 years experience of doing it for the big guys. This kind of high-quality survey-driven information used to be too costly for any but the biggest companies and deepest entrepreneurial pockets. Now it’s available to you.

Flexible, Scalable and Full-Service. Whether you are scaling-up your business, considering investing, seeking investment, or just need to settle key debates about the direction for a product or service, the information and answers you need are there for the taking…IF you know how to do the asking and who to ask.

Cost-Effective and Professional. There are lots of ways to do fast, low-cost (sometimes no-cost!) DIY surveys. It’s a wonderful value if you know what questions to ask, how to ask them, who to ask, and how to interpret the information you get back. Most people don’t know how to do this well at all. In fact, most successful, savvy business people know that and choose to use solid, professional marketing research to inform their decisions.

Comprehensive and Compact. That’s where E-Research for Marketing can help. Our process is comprehensive, yet compact. We know how to craft and ask four or five questions of a large, reliable sample group and then process the results in a way that will open up a powerful world of reliable information about your product or service. And you will have an experienced pro working with you all the way.

At your service. E-Research for Marketing brings the experience, power and reliability of big-business market research to you.

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