A Quick Market Analysis That Does So Much More

Compact, Full-Service Research for Innovators, Entrepreneurs and VCs

Evanston, IL, research firm E-RM has developed a compact, full-service hybrid research service for innovators, entrepreneurs and VCs to assess market viability of new consumer products. ...it uses consumer panel services to gather pinpointed quantitative and qualitative feedback to diagnose a new consumer product’s prospects for nationwide growth or market expansion. 

Quirks Marketing Research, Nov 2015

The November 2015 issue of Quirks MR Magazine highlighted our “One & Done” Quick Market Assessment (formerly called: Q3 - Quick, Qualitative & Quantitative, Market Assessment) as ”a compact, full-service full-service hybrid research service for innovators, entrepreneurs and VCs to assess market viability of new consumer products.” This innovative service gathers “pinpointed quantitative and qualitative feedback to diagnose a new consumer product’s prospects for nationwide growth or market expansion”.

Ask yourself: "How many people have you heard from about your new consumer product?" How about 1,000 consumers nationwide?

”One & Done” Quick Market Assessment is a breakthrough way to use validated, tried and true research tools. It brings together a vital, innovative core of crucial questions every entrepreneur needs answered. This simple survey gathers feedback from consumers that's comprehensive and powerful. It’s exactly what's needed before going to market "for real", as a precursor to pitching VCs and other funders, and prior to embarking on an adventurous campaign to "take it national.”

Not a D-I-Y cloud-based platform or app, it's a Market Assessment that uses a concise accessible nationwide survey resource, expert data analysis, and deep analytical reporting that uncovers and explores the marketing implications. Much more than a one-dimensional dipstick "market test", it's a thorough consumer assessment.

Any entrepreneur with a new product (or service) worth 6 figures or more in annual revenue, can't afford not to do this pre-launch diagnosis. It's based on linking consumers' "needs states" to pin-pointed product feedback (both purchase likelihood ratings and free form verbatim commentary) from a balanced national sample of 1,000 respondents.

It's time for marketing research to step up and answer the call by helping raise the success rates and levels of new consumer product ventures, enabling entrepreneurs to move forward confidently, at a steady pace with sure-footed confidence. As custom research it addresses YOUR critical but unresolved marketing issues and challenges. 

So, how many consumers have you heard from about your new product? 1,000 consumers nationwide are standing by!

And for VCs, equity partners, investors, etc., this service is available now. Discounting applies when multiple new product concepts are run at the same time.

Contact us now to get started. 


E-RM: E-Research for Marketing is Research for Marketers


E-Research for Marketing is full-service, customized research for marketers. E-RM serves as your high-value research resource by performing with skill and efficiency in traditional venues and the internet. For fresh insights to support market planning, strategy, product and program development, E-RM is your research resource.


Creative, Experienced, Flexible and Value-Driven

Our multi-industry experience serving marketers in consumer, B2B, and institutional sectors brings the added value of solid information about the needs and behavior of your customers. We work hard to help you, as a marketing manager, become more valuable to your organization by upgrading your marketing plans, programs, products or services. That’s what distinguishes E-RM.


E-Research: Full Service, Fully Wired

We provide full and attentive service, including custom design and execution of qualitative and quantitative research, online or off. In addition to the full array of traditional research methods, E-RM brings the power of the internet and online research (including web-hosting of surveys and focus groups) to your business. As fast, flexible and convenient as it is objective and powerful, E-RM is the vital, cost-effective tool you need in your marketing arsenal.

In market research, as in life…

“When you don’t have it, that’s when you really need it.” 
— Yogi Berra

The potency of well-grounded market research is hardly a secret. It’s also no secret that for many marketers day-to-day realities can limit their ability to gather and use market research. Sometimes the need is temporary or just doesn’t justify a salaried team member—but that doesn’t mean it will go away.

Sometimes you just need new ideas and fresh insights. Other times, having too many good ideas stymies action almost as much as having too few. At times like these, there’s simply no substitute for solid information direct from your markets because, ultimately, only your target customers, end users or other stakeholders, have the answers you need—and even then, only if you ask them the right questions, in the right way.

With E-RM, you gain access to those questions and answers in the form of timely, specialized—even intimate—insights into your markets’ needs and wants. But that’s not enough, you also need to know their whims and wishes so you can design the right bells and whistles.

Whatever the reason, acting without good research brings an avoidable and unwanted risk to your business. Our research helps you manage that risk by strengthening your marketing proposals, programs and presentations. For our consultant clients, we can serve invisibly behind the scenes— as your secret weapon, conversely, we can back you up visibly by standing at your side—as your not-so-secret weapon.

Our expertise is providing insightful findings pertinent to your issues, direct from your marketplace, on time and on budget. With these insights you can resolve debates and see the way forward, then come together…and move on. Contact Bart Zehren at E-RM now about what kind of market research weaponry you need.