MeetAdvisors Features "One & Done" Quick Market Assessment (formerly Q3MA)

Bart Zehren Introduces this new innovative "quick market test" to Ari Garber at MeetAdvisors

Here’s a video via MeetAdvisors with Ari Garber announcing the debut of E-RM‘s "One & Done" Quick Marketing Assessment.

The full interview is on YouTube and includes a few outtakes where you’ll hear some generally applicable sampling, pricing and purchase details (starting at the 3:56 mark). Watch the full video by clicking the image above.

FYI: MeetAdvisors is a casual, friendly meeting ground for different people to convene and share exciting new concepts and business ideas that are about to emerge, or are already well along. It’s a sharing spot for entrepreneurs and people doing start-ups or other exciting activities all around Chicago.

Call Bart Zehren now to learn more about how entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses use "One & Done" QMA to gain deep consumer insights into products and concepts fast.