Prototype for “One & Done” QMA - Your Product Market Research Report


1.   Quantification of Consumers’ Purchase Interest and Intent, with National & Regional Market Penetration Estimates 

2.   Elaboration of Need States Most/Least Linked to Purchase Intent

3.   Specification of Most Attractive Market Target(s) for Marketing Communications

4.   Diagnostics Based on Consumers’ Verbatim Reasons Motivating Purchase Interest: Pro, Con, and Neutral

5.   Integrative Discussion of Product Purchase Interest, Need States, Purchase Drivers/Barriers, Demographics, Nationwide Geography

6.   Clues, Direction, Guidance for Marketing Strategies to:

a.   Define, Target and Reach Distinct Consumer Segments,

b.   Settle/Finalize Product (or Service) Development Issues,

c.   Create Most Effective Marketing Communications Content,

d.   Maximize Overall Market Response/Sales Growth for Long Run

…plus documentation of the project methodology with specification of the analytical procedures and statistical details.