Questions & Answers

Q. Who will be completing the survey, what are their demographics and where are they located?

A. The survey data will reflect a balanced opt-in sample of 1,000 consumers from a far larger nationwide pool. Respondents' demo- and geographic data will be carefully analyzed in relation to interest levels in your product.  

Q. How can I know that they are in my market?

A. Respondents are queried about their situation and behaviors in the product category. The analysis examines those data as well as demo/geographics to define key groups showing strongest purchase interest to sharply flag them for targeting.  

Q. How can you produce such a clear "big picture" of the market for my idea with such a short, compact survey?

A. OK, now you've hit on my "secret sauce". It's the revelations that come from searching beyond responses to each question to find deeper relationships and key response patterns. In the hands of a savvy market researcher that becomes second nature, but only with lots of experience (and a big, high quality sample). So I'm confident it can't be easily duplicated. These are my questions - I know how to handle them.  

Q. Why is this better than the traditional MVP process?

A. Not a hands-on D-I-Y experience or "platform", "One & Done" QMA is a fast way to acquire a high volume of rich quantitative and qualitative feedback from a large sample of consumers at a chosen moment (whenever you're ready). It's a service; useful before or with MVP to strengthen key moments of discovery and support big, market-expanding "Let's do it!" decisions. For the US market and elsewhere.  

Q. Why should I spend the money for this research when I can spend it on sales to bring in customers directly?

A. Because the findings will allow you to reflect on how and why to allocate your funds (and time) more efficiently and execute a solid marketing plan more effectively - all with a sure-footed, ongoing sense of confidence. Not to mention, maybe raise funds from investors more easily!