Q3MA: Metrics and Concept Diagnostics

Measure Market Potential & Shore-Up Your Next Moves

There are lots of sharing communities and resources online for informal crowd-sourced creativity and feedback exercises. But our 'quick market test' is more and different because there comes a time when you need an objective, quantified, nationally projectable assessment of your concept’s native appeal—predicated on consumers’ bottom-line, self-expressed likelihood to buy. The Q3MA (Quick, Qualitative and Quantitative Market Assessment) report is a comprehensive review and assessement of your market potential that comes to you:

  • Cross-checked against demographics, geographics, and the crucial consumer needs states on which you’re basing the product’s reason for being,
  • Backed up by “in-their-own-words” narrative explanations of the reasons, pro and con, behind their stated likelihood to buy it (or not).

This pin-pointed profile of market metrics and instructive diagnostics surely merits a key place in your marketing plan. With such fresh readings (confidential and proprietary to you), you can work up or revise any market impact and sizing estimates you’ve made, revisit sales projections, review your planned pace for growth, and knowledgeably assess the critical investments you now know you'll need and when you'll need them, so as to best seize this opportunity.

And you'll know if it's advisable to tweak or modify the product based on E-RM's diagnostic analysis of the qualitative and quantitative feedback. Then you can move ahead to finalize your budgets and time horizons in a confident, sure-footed manner as you bring your best product to market — at the right time, in the right way.

Call Bart Zehren now to bring objective, nationally projectable assessments to your concepts and products.