Your All-Around Research Resource

E-RM is a dependable resource for customized B2C and B2B market research—with access to needed support services, e.g., cross-country and online recruiting for qualitative research (in-depth interviews with individuals and groups, in synchronous or asynchronous modes) via reliable and professional field services. Distinctive benefits of our service include an efficient and effective means to quickly:

  • Gather market insights on crucial communications issues your team is debating, so you can resolve them and prepare a winning campaign proposal or program.
  • Track brand image over time and compare it with competitors’ brands.
  • Group the marketplace into distinct—and distinctly approachable—target clusters, or segments, based on demo- or corpographics, motivations, needs, attitudes and behaviors; then prioritize these consumer or business. “Clustomers” for more effective and efficient marketing efforts.
  • Find new business, product or service opportunities based not only on a clear picture of under-served market "needs and wants", but also on any neglected consumer "whims and wishes".
  • Gain insights into how to design, develop and nurture new product concepts to achieve maximum market response and follow-through, with more sure-footed confidence as you go.  
  • Survey early users of new products and services or your web site and social media channels to gain insights about new, emerging market sectors and stay ahead of competition—all the while maintaining contact with Early Adopters, Promoters, Connectors, etc.
  • Evaluate service performance and customer satisfaction via benchmarking and by tracking reactions to CRM initiatives, using models of brand loyalty and attrition, in a marketing context or as part of a self-improvement program.

Full service project management packages come complete with interpretation of findings, forthright conclusions, and practical recommendations.

E-RM—Your Research Resource

Our services provide a professional cost-effective alternative or resource for in-house market research teams. For corporate marketers, associations and other membership organizations, advertising/PR agencies, marketing communications professionals, brand strategy consultants and new product developers, we diagnose business conditions, explore market potential, assemble needed insights, and offer practical recommendations. Call us now at 847/864–7159 to discuss your market research interests and challenges. Ready to get started?  Hire us now to help service your market research needs.